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Nutritionist, Weight loss, Naturopathic and general health specialists 

Welcome to as well as Wellness Centre, Hamilton's centre of Nutrition, Weight Loss , Therapeutic body treatmentsNaturopathic Health Specialists. We hope you enjoy your time on our website and find something that assists you to stay as well as possible.  Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions, phone 07 83 83 83 2

Nutrition, general health WOF checks, affordable wellness programmes, lymphatic drainage massage, neuromuscular body treatments and much more see Services

Sometimes you just want to assure yourself that what you are doing, what you are eating is nutritionally OK for your long-term wellbeing. The Naturopaths at as well as help you find solutions to alleviate your health concerns:

as well as what you are doing, the naturopathic team at as well as Wellness Centre in Hamilton will help you to get your health back on track.

There is a growing awareness of the need for each of us to take better care of ourselves, before a health crisis hits us personally.
Find out how best to maintain your well-being.  We can help.

as well as, Hamilton's Wellness Centre at 130C Rostrevor Street in the RediCare Complex, offers a range of services that help you to become as well as you can be.


Phone us and book in at as well as for your Health Warrant of Fitness check. Give yourself an opportunity to see if your habits are life-sustaining or setting you up for a health crisis.            07 83 83 83 2


  • Health Warrant of Fitness Check - a range of health assessments that let you know what impact your lifestyle is having on you your energy and performance

  • Hemaview - live pictures of your blood for you to see the impact you diet and lifestyle have on your health - from the inside out

  • Wellness Programmes - a personalised Wellness Programme is tailored for you and your lifestyle. This is designed for you to easily include in your day-to-day life to improve your health and energy. As well as addressing any urgent issues that need immediate attention, you may choose an on-going Wellness Programme that spans 3, 6, 9, 12 months. YourWellness Programme may become part of your lifestyle, providing more natural health care options that promote health and give you choices for maintaining your well being: lymphatic drainage, detox, weight management, fertility support, more energy, improved performance . . .so you can enjoy a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Nutritional consultations - focus on gaining the understanding of what and how to enjoy nutritious cuisine that will set you up for long-term wellness

  • Therapeutic Neuromuscular body treatments - Assessment of the body's posture and treatment of any ailments that may cause pain and discomfort, long or short term

  • Lymphatic drainage massage - a gental massage like technique to promote the flow and elemination of waste from the body

  • Meditation & Relaxation classes - your mind, thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on your body. Regular meditation and relaxation promote an overall sense of well-being.

  • Corporate health & wellness workshops - These workshops are designed for your business to develop proactive strategies to better manage your staff’s health, energy and performance, reducing down time and improving productivity. Employees that lead healthier lifestyles and become more knowledgeable about their health care, have a beneficial impact on your bottom line

A renewed sense of well-being flows through your whole body and life as a result of choosing to take the steps toward wellness with the support from aswellas.

 Hamilton's Health & Wellness Centre, as well as, 130C Rostrevor Street, Hamilton,

– helping you become as well as you can be

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