About us

Nutrition, Wellness & Your Health Budget

In response to an increasing need to more effectively address health issues that are reaching epidemic proportions, Rahn and Jane opened as Well as Wellness Centre in Hamilton, your health and wellness centre on the corner of Tristram and Rostrevor Street, at the RediCare Complex, Hamilton Central.

Even with increasing amounts of government money given to the Health budget, there is still a crisis in health and health care. The progressive rise of chronic and stress-related diseases add a further burden to our quality of life.

We offer a range of naturopathic health assessments  (Health WoF Check) and personalised Wellness programmes, designed to create sustainable living habits for all long-term!

Core Values:

You are important and your well-being is our priority. We care about your health.

Rahn and Jane have a passion for assisting people to reach their highest potential, mentally, physically, emotionally, and healthily, to increase their energy and vitality and live the best life possible.

Education is at the heart of all services that as Well as offers. providing opportunities for you to increase your knowledge and awareness of how you nourish yourself.

Code of Conduct:

The team at as Well as Wellness Centre work at the highest standards, with continual service assessments to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their visits with us.  Your Rights are paramount and are guaranteed by the law known as the Code of Health & Disability Services Consumers' Rights.


                                              Diploma in Natural & Complementary Medicines                                                                                                      

Naturopath, Naturopathic Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Neuromuscular Therapists, Hemaview Technicians, Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, Massage Therapist

Past President of Naturopaths of New Zealand Inc, Committee members of Naturopaths of New Zealand Inc.

Programme Manager & Coordinator of the Diploma in Natural and Complementary Medicines & Certificate in Natural Therapies.

Quality of Practitioners:

All the practitioners at as Well as Wellness Centre  regularly attend professional development events and continuing education seminars to ensure all the services and treatments offered are of the highest standards to improve the community's growing health needs.

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