Fluoride in our water - a Human Rights issue

Fluoridating our municipal water, mass medicating, is a Human Right’s issue.

Fluoride, naturally occurring, is helpful for the body in very small amounts.

On the Periodic Table, fluoride is designated a halogen – that is, it behaves like a free radical, quickly moving in and taking the place of an element that should rightfully be there.  Like antibiotics it is non-specific and broad spectrum in its actions.

For example, fluoride will take the place of chloride so that your stomach enzyme, hydrochloric acid, is no longer hydrochloric acid! This will impair your body’s digestion of protein and other nutrients that need hydrochloric acid to digest them and break them apart.

The belief that fluoride creates stronger teeth is erroneous; in fact results in changes in bone’s structural components throughout the whole body.  Excess fluoride that is not excreted is stored in calcium-rich areas where excess quantities cause fluorosis. Remineralisation in the presence of fluoride creates a more brittle rather than flexible skeletal structure. 

New Zealanders have an increasing rate of bone breaks since the introduction of fluoride in our drinking water.  This is of concern in the ageing population.  Those with long term exposure to fluoridate water are at an increased risk of brittle bones and teeth breaking.

Tooth enamel decay increases with the length of time sugar or carbohydrates are in the mouth.  With more and more sugary drinks on the market, including RTDs, and more and more processed foods including sugar as a main ingredient to create an attractive taste or to improve shelf-life, organic acids are present in the mouth over prolonged periods, accelerating tooth decay. 

Better to ask, “How come so many cavities?”  A high-sugar diet is now the norm for many people.  

And those who are concerned for their health and choose nutrient- rich foods and not high-sugar diet, still have to pay for the consequences of fluoride in their water. 

Against many people’s wishes industrial grade fluoride added to municipal water treatment plants to harden our teeth against the ravages of cavities is the result of flawed thinking.  


Jane Lawrence

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