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Rahn Lawrence (ND) Nautropath, Nutritionist, Neuromuscular body therapist, Medical Herbalist

Hey, just a little bit about who will be supporting you while your working with us at as Well as Wellness Centre

My name is Rahn Sitadevi Lawrence and I started training as a naturopath at age 17 after I got severe psoriasis. I wanted to be able to get myself better without having to rely on drugs or in my case light treatment and chemotherapy drugs... And I did, through my diet and my lifestyle.

I graduated top of my Diploma in Natural & Complementary Medicines class and spent my time on business development and business planning to open as well as Wellness Centre so I could help educate people in their health to be able to maintain wellbeing and make a difference to the wellbeing of the comminuty and the environment.

When I'm not supporting you, I am with my amazing friends creating fun, on adventures, going to festivals, putting together fashionable costumes, creating delicious vegan cuisine and of course practising what I teach.

If your not sure where to start, we recommend the Health WoF check as your first step 



Jane LawrenceJane Lawrence  Educator/ Naturopathic Nutritionist

I work with you to understand and resolve the cause of your health issues.  I focus on developing practical strategies to make it easy for you to make any necessary changes so that you can achieve your health goals and enjoy feeling full of energy and as well as you can be.

I lead weekend nutritional retreats at the beautifu Opoutere beach 3 times a year, where you learn the key fundamentals to designing the ideal diet for you and your family.

As a keynote speaker, I motivate your people to easily and enjoyably take better care of themselves.  A life/work balance is essential in today's busy world.

I opened Waikato's first organic wholefoods store, Te Pataka, in the early 1980's.  In the 1990's I designed Wintec's Certificate in Natural Therapies & Diploma in Natural & Complementary Medicines.  In 2008 Rahn and I opened as Well as Wellness Centre.

I enjoy a BMW (Brisk Morning Walk!), spending time with good friends and packing picnics to share while adventuring out-and-about.

If you would like to contact Jane or Rahn please email us or check out our services

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