Neuromuscular Body Treatments

Every body has a story to tell, what is your body telling you?

You may not have heard of these advanced new Neuromuscular therapies yet — but if you’re suffering from some type of “musculo-skeletal” pain or injury, you'll undoubtedly be excited to hear just how quickly these Neuromuscular body Treatment methods have been helping

Sciatica sufferers eliminate their pain

Tendonitis sufferers overcome their inflammation

Athletes recover faster from their Sports injuries

Low-back pain and neck pain sufferers find lasting relief

Car accident injury sufferers recover sooner & get out of pain faster

Computer users alleviate their computer-related stress and strain

Pregnant women relieve an achy, changing body.

And injured workers recover from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Repetitive Strain Injuries

Thanks to these Neuromuscular body Treatments, even people who have been in pain for many years and have unsuccessfully tried numerous conventional and alternative treatments are finally finding lasting relief...

Most people feel an immediate improvement after their first session — less pain and more freedom of movement — and then continue to experience steady progress with each session thereafter.

With a structural assessment and treatment from as Well as Wellness Centre feel your body move and function more easily.

Whether it was yesterday or 50 years ago, these and everyday activities have an effect and may alter your body’s structure and how well it performs for you.

Neuromuscular body treatments, work with your connective tissue, ligaments and tendons throughout your whole body, releasing restrictions that may have built up over years or even over night.

Neuromuscular treatments are subtle techniques working on your body, over clothes, either in a sitting position or lying down.

Why should I have Neuromuscular Treatments?

The connective tissue throughout your body houses all your nerves and blood vessels. If there are restrictions within the connective tissue, the nerves and blood flow are inhibited, impairing delivery of nutrients and changing the function of the body over time.

How often should I get these treatments?

It is recommended that in acute conditions you should receive weekly treatments; and for chronic conditions fortnightly treatments until your body functions freely and without pain.

Treatment length

For your first treatment you should allow 45 minutes.

Follow-up treatments allow 20 minutes.

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