Hemaview Live Blood Screening

If a picture tells a 1000 words, imagine what a picture of your blood can tell!

Hemaview is a form of Live Blood Screening that the naturopath at as Well as Wellness Centre can use to help you gain distinctions on ways to improve your health and energy more effectively. 

Two drops of your blood is all I need to investigate your red & white blood cells under the darkfield microscope. The size, shape and ratios of your blood cells may provide more information about what's really going on for you, or simply reinforce what you already suspect. 

Do you want to know that what you are doing is good for your health?  Now you can see for yourself, with a Hemaview Live Blood Screening.

Hemaview is based on the science of Hematology. Hemaview uses technology (a darkfield microscope, computer & monitor) to enable you to view your own blood in real time.

Hemaview is not used as a diagnostic tool and does not replace standard laboratory tests, however used in conjunction with these, it IS a tool that helps us develop more effective Wellness Programmes for you.

Nothing compares to seeing your own blood live on a screen in front of you to better understand what is happening on the inside, many times confirming why you feel the way you do.  

The blood is a major carrier for many chemicals that are moved around the body.  Each of these create a picture within your blood that helps us interpret what is happening in your body.

Hemaview live blood screening allows you to see results of a Wellness Programme; you can actually see, on a screen, the impact your lifestyle is having on the cells of your body.

A Hemaview Live Blood Screening may assist in reviewing the following factors (some of which may be impacting on your health):

* oxidative stress (free-radical damage) and possible nutritional requirements depending on cellular shape and form;

* immune system health (ratios and activity of various white blood cells).

Hemaview lets you take a real part in managing and understanding your health.  Hemaview is used to investigate and explain how different aspects seen in your blood sample may relate to your health. 

How to start:

Hemaview is incorporated into your Health WoF Check, that includes the Hemaview Live Blood Screen, and other important health screenig tools. You deserve peace of mind, knowing that you are on track with your health.   Book Now

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