Shake It - Weight Management Programme

Shake It Professional Weight Management Programme

The Shake It Professional Weight Management Programme, offered by the qualified Healthcare Practitioners from as Well as Wellness Centreis designed to enable you to lose weight and keep it off with;

*Professional advice and tailored to your individua lrequirements and lifestyle challenges;

* A simple to follow and convenient programme with lots of healthy food;

* Great tasting shakes, soups and bars in a variety of flavours with additional supplements to make it easy for you;

* Support and help for you to overcome any obstacles to acheive your weight loss.

Nutritional support forms an integral part of the Shake It Professional Weight ManagementProgramme. The correct supplementation, as determined by your as Well as Healthcare Practitioner, can reduce cravings, improve your energy and wellbeing, help maintain your protein intake and improve the efficacy of your fat loss.  Book your Shake It Programme Now


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