Sports and Nutrition

Frustrated with your progress toward achieving optimal performance?


Looking for better results in your field of sports?


Gain insights into your body and what it requires to sustain performance with a Hemaview, live blood screen.   

You will see blood cells on the screen within minutes of taking a sample from a single drop of blood from your fingertip.  This can provide a wealth of information and an indication of any nutritional requirements to enhance your cells’ performance and endurance.


If your red blood cells are not in shape to carry oxygen and nutrients effectively, you want to know.

If there are key nutrients your cells are missing, you need to know.

If your immune system is using energy, you need to know.


You will see evidence of

  • Inflammation

  • Oxidative Stress

  • Reduced Nutritional Status

  • Poor Liver Function

  • Reduced Digestive Integrity

  • Impaired Immune Performance


Images of your blood allow us to identify what your body needs to function effectively.  


You can make immediate targeted corrections and monitor your progress with another sample at some time in the future.  Seeing the changes in your blood in real time increases motivation.


We assist you to understand what your body needs to get maximum performance and endurance.  Many of the things that impair exercise performance and tolerance can be alleviated by adequate intake of certain nutrients.  Improving digestive function ensures adequate absorption of vital nutrients.


Key nutrients increase each cells ability to generate energy, improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood enhances your performance and recovery, reduces fatigue and reduces lactic acid build up.


For example, co-enzyme Q10 is essential for electron transport chain function and as an antioxidant, overall increasing ATP production and protecting the mitochondrial DNA.  Water soluble B vitamins assist with this process.


EPA and DHA are critical for cell membrane structure and function. Fluid cell membranes optimize cell function and signalling, improving hormone, neurotransmitter and enzyme activity. Fish oil supplementation also improves muscle quality and nerve signalling.


N-acetyl carnitine (NAC) is critical for transferring fatty acids into the cells and mitochondria for fat burning and energy production. NAC is also a necessary component of the electron transport chain and hence ATP production.


90% of people we test, show signs of dehydration.  You need to know if this is you!  Our tests will show your hydration status.  Even 2% dehydration can decrease exercise performance by 10%. It is important to hydrate before and during exercise. Hydrating after exercise prepares the body for the next session.

Rehydrating with electrolytes improves stamina and performance and reduces cramping and pain.

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