What is the Health WoF?

The Health WoF is the initial health check every new client will start with before they receive their Wellness Prescription or Wellness Programme.  It provides valuable information about how the body is functioning at this point in time, highlighting any area that needs attention.

         What service do I need?

Once you have been through the Health WoF, you will have enough education to start making effective changes in your life, in the third and final Health WoF consult you will receive your Wellness Report and Wellness Prescription which will outline the best and most effective treatment protocol for you to achieve your health goals.

         How much will it cost me?

The Health WoF is over three consultations. The first consultation (case taking and nutritional screening) is for 1 hour at $130, the second consultation is also 1 hour at $195(including all tests) and the third consultation (wellness report/programme) is 1 hour at $130. Nutritional or naturopathic consulatations are 1 hour at $130, 1/2 hour follow up consultations at $95. Neuromucsular body treatments they are $130 for one hour (initial consultation) and $95 for half hour (follow up consultations). Lymphatic Drainage massage initial treatment is $130, and follow up treatments are $95 for 45minutes. You are likely to require key ingredients (superfoods to include in your diet) and some supplements to address immediate health concerns these costs vary.

         How many times do I need to come?

The initial Health WoF is three consultations which maybe spread over two to three weeks. Follow ups may vary, weekly or fortnightly for acute cases, then monthly or three monthly for maintenance. You can create your own timetable of wellness, and at any stage you are welcome to make an appointment for any service.

         How long is a consultation?

Our Consultations are hourly or half hourly, in some cases (Shake It weight management, Detox) we have express consultations which maybe 15mins 

         Is there parking?

Yes there is plently of off street parking, also wheelchair access.

How do I find the Centre?

We are located on the corner of Tristram and Rostrevor Street, 200m north of founders theater in the Redicare complex

130C Rostrevor Street, Hamilton 3204


         Do I need to bring anything?

With the Health WoF you maybe asked to bring along medical records, medications or nutritional supplements and occasionally a food diary. For the test consultations you may be required to bring a urine sample, how ever you will be notified at your initial consultation if theis is needed.

         Is massage going to fix me?

Massage is great for stress relief, and to relax muscles, a treat for your body... although with Neuromuscular body treatments, even people who have been in pain for many years and have unsuccessfully tried numerous conventional and alternative treatments, are finally finding lasting relief...

Most people feel an immediate improvement after their first session — less pain and more freedom of movement — and then continue to experience steady progress with each Neuromuscular session thereafter.

         When are you open?

We are open Mon-Fir 9am-5.30pm with an occasional later appointment scheduled. Bookings essential.


         How do I pay?

EFTPOS, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Direct Debit, Invoice in some circumstances, and with our Wellness Lifestyle Programmes automatic payments can be set up.

         Can I buy products without a consultation?

We have a range of super foods that you are welcome to purchase; if you are a existing client you can purchase repeats of your supplements. Because our supplements are pracititioner prescribed only, you must have a consultation first to make sure you are taking the correct supplements for your body and the correct dosage. We recommend you start with your Health WoF

         Will it hurt?

None of our body treatments are invasive; there is no cracking or popping. The Hemaview (live blood testing) is only a very quick tiny prick on the tip of your finger to get one little drop of blood. The Body Composition test is using a very quick, low current that goes through the body; it is so light you cannot feel a thing.

         What’s with the tests?

The testing is part of the Health WoF. The in-house tests are essential for assessing your state of health and for us to design a Wellness Prescription or Wellness Programme tailored to your bodiy's needs. We also do follow up tests to assess progress.

         Neuromuscular Body Treatments– 

Why should I have Neuromuscular Treatments?

The connective tissue throughout your body houses all your nerves and blood vessels. If there are restrictions within the connective tissue, the nerves and blood flow are inhibited, impairing delivery of nutrients and changing the function of the body over time.

How often should I get these treatments?

It is recommended that in acute conditions you should receive weekly or twice weekly treatments; and for chronic conditions fortnightly treatments until your body functions freely and without pain.

Treatment length

For your first treatment your need to allocate 45 minutes.

Follow-up treatments allow 20 minutes, unless otherwise recommended 

         Lymphatic –

How many times should I have Lymphatic Drainage done?

Because the Lymphatic system does not have a pump like the cardiovascular system, it’s advised that you receive a lymphatic drainage regularly to prevent stagnation of the lymph, especially if you are sedentary or have been unwell.


Series of three

Series of five

Series of ten

Treatment length:

40 minutes is required for each treatment

If there are any questions that you wish to ask feel free to do so. Ask a Question

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