I started the Shake-it diet on the 18th of March 2014 and have never looked back. Rather than a diet change it has been more of a life style change.

Before shake-it I had tried almost every diet advertised; they worked for the first few weeks but then I would lose interest. I was at a point where I was over wasting money on diets that didn't work but was desperate to lose weight; I was exercising regularly but felt like that wasn't really doing anything.

I was told about the Shake-it diet and after reading up about it I decided to give it a go. At first I was shocked with all the food groups I was to cut out of my diet. But I came away with the attitude that if I'm going to make it work then I have to stick to it. I found it easier to concentrate on the foods that I was allowed to eat rather than what I wasn't allowed. Exercising was more enjoyable as I could tell it was actually working. After a few weeks my whole body felt better and I felt good inside.

With Rahn's help I lost 11.2kgs over 10 weeks. People started noticing within a few weeks which was a huge encouragement.

I recently had to stop seeing Rahn as I moved cities but I have kept up with the diet and am still losing weight.  I have a goal I'm working towards and won't give up till I'm there. This diet has also taught me a lot and has changed my way of eating for life.

Thank you Rahn for your help and encouragement.

P.s. Here's a photo collage I made this week, the photo on the left is me 3 years ago at my brothers wedding.  I tried the dress on again the other night and it's almost falling off me now :)

Rebekah Taylor


After the meditation I felt amazing. I was pain free through until lunch time the next day. I will definitely be here again next week. 

Stephen Bird

In the year since meeting Rahn at As Well As, I have been thrilled with her amazing ability to discern exactly how to use her neuromuscular therapy to heal several problems I have experienced. These included an Achilles tendon injury, soft tissue damage around a broken rib due to a fall, and even one leg being shorter than the other due to my pelvis being out of alignment.  After therapy to realign my hips I walked out of the clinic literally feeling like a new woman!  Her treatments are very gentle but incredibly effective.  Not only is the therapy highly effective, but  Rahn herself is such a peaceful person that I always feel lighter in mind and spirit when I leave.  I cannot speak too highly of the health outcomes and lasting benefits of the treatment I have received at As Well As.

Sincerely Sally Hanna


Rahn, its been a little over a month since Verity started her treatment with you and you changed her life. Today she took part in her school sports day. She came first in two races, and third and fourth in two others. She came fourth in long jump and third in high jump. Before she came to you, I doubt she would have had the ability to participate. She is still the smallest by far in her year, yet did an amazing job. So thank you for giving back my little girl her health and strength. She feels on top of the world today, and you play a huge part in that.

Donna Howells Skoludek



My name is Nikki,

I lived with severe pain from my endometriosis for a long long time! It effected my life in so many ways.... over the years I had experienced 5 surgeries to remove the endo as well as scar tissue. The pain had caused depression and a follow on from that I had severe anxiety and had a very low immune system. Without exaggerating I would have been sick one week out of four. Just before I found Rahn at As Well As I was having injections weekly as well as pain killers to manage my pain. The last time, I remember taking our dog for a walk and, out of nowhere, I couldn’t walk. Going to the doctors in tears had become embarrassing and I couldn’t live like this for much longer.

I was desperate and purely luck had it that a friend recommended Rahn at ‘As Well As’.... Prior to this I had not really been to a naturopath and didn’t know what to expect but decided that I had nothing to loose.

After a full consultation and thorough testing, Rahn came up with a plan and we got started. The first thing that I noticed was my energy and then my life steadily turned completely around. Just writing this is a reminder of how different my life was.... In every way.... I have gone from someone who was crippled in pain to someone who rarely gets sick in any way, lives a clean healthy life and has never been happier. No anti depressants, no pain killers, no surgery, no stress.

In a way Rahn and Jane have done themselves out of a job because now they have got me to a point, after a lot of dedication and discipline, that I only see them when I need to and it is usually because I have gone off track in some way. I trust them completely and what I loved about them both is that ‘They care and want to get you well and keep you there’. I will always be grateful for what they have done for me and cannot thank them enough for their knowledge, patience, guidance and support.

Warmest Regards Nikki 


Just taking a moment to brag and say my derby wifey (Rahn) is the bestest EVER. Felt like I was dying with a migraine and extreme nausea and "wifey" turns up armed with a hug and naturopath powers.  First time in a week my nausea has gone xxxxx — with As Well As Wellness-Centre.

Danielle Totterdell


I know what you do is amazing and the results speak for themselves - I felt a million bucks after the 6 weeks with you and I want that feeling back.

Cheers Carl


If you gals haven't seen Rahn in her WIKED clinic, As Well As Wellness-Centre, I suggest you do, well worth it...I feel super aligned, & if you can't afford the full price I strongly urge you keep a eye out for the special deal next time... 

Fe Foster -Hellmilton Roller Ghouls Coach :):)


A huge thank you to the As Well As Wellness-Centre for the visit today. Not only did I feel physically much better when I walked out, but mentally better too. Highly recommended.

Fe Foster


Rahness! you are amazing! i can feel the effects all ready! no more limp! i HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone goes and sees the fantastic As Well As Wellness-Centre! Do it! x

Anna Macdonald -Hellmilton Roller Ghouls, Head NSO 


Three years ago I regularly had higher than desirable blood pressure. I had it checked weekly by a nurse and finally the doctor suggested I should ask a cardiologist to monitor my BP. The data from the 24 hour monitoring prompted the cardiologist to recommend commencement of antihypertensive therapy. I did not want to be on pills for the rest of my life and contacted Jane Lawrence for advice on alternatives. During a series of 3 consultations we discussed the current situation and Jane suggested a change of diet (new breakfast drink, cut out coffee and ideas for meals and snacks). I also started weekly meditation sessions with Jane at my workplace.

Now two years on I am delighted with the results of sticking to the diet. My blood pressure has come down to 120/80 (the best it has been for the past 5 years), I have lost some weight and mentally and physically I feel great.

Thanks Jane!

Henk Hoogland


I hardy left my house. I was ashamed of being not just over weight but truly sick. I had been on diets since I was a teenager but they didn’t just cost money they cost me my health. I’ve now got diabetes and hypertension.

When I started my wellness programme I had doubts. However within the first week I couldn’t believe how much energy I had gained, which really changed the way I was thinking.

After 12 weeks I’ve understood my diabetes and can control it through what I put in my mouth. Also my blood pressure is normal - I can’t even remember the last time it was normal.

I am the lightest I’ve been in my life and I’m managing it well.

Sophie Armstrong


I used to get a hard time from my workmates cos I couldn’t keep up with them. I wanted to do something about it but I was shit scared that I wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore cos it wouldn’t be good for me but that wasn’t the case. I could pretty much do everything I was doing but be able to support myself so I wouldn’t burnout. Not to mention my workmates can’t keep up with me now.

Grant Stevenson


Work work work I’m always on the go I don’t have time for those time-consuming diets, but I do want to take care of myself; so when I heard about as Well as I was chuffed they put together a simple easy Wellness Plan that I could use on the go, travelling at anytime and in any country. Haven’t had 'Delhi belly' in years

Robert Williams


I was so nervous to see what my blood would show, the way it was explained to me made me feel a lot better even though there was lots to improve on. After seeing this it gave me motivation that I’d never had when it came to my health.  With small but significant alterations to my diet and lifestyle when I returned for my follow up picture of my blood 4 weeks later I couldn’t believe my eyes. The evidence was clear and right in front of me. Not only could I feel the improvement I could actually see it too.

Margaret Oliver


I knew I wasn’t as well as I could be, and I was afraid about knowing the truth, so I booked in for a health WoF check at as well as, and that confirmed my suspicions. The team there helped me understand why I was like I was, they didn’t just tell me they educated me along the way allowing me to take control of my health and get me on track. Now I make it a point to have regular visits to make sure I’m managing my health and I’ve never felt so full of energy.

Paul Holloway


I was really struggling to find healthcare that understood me. I needed professionals that didn’t just tell me what’s wrong I needed them to educate me on why I was feeling this way, what habits I had that were setting me up for a an unwell future. That’s when I discovered as Well as, Hamilton’s Health and Wellness Centre. I switched my healthcare to as Well as. Ever since they have been so supportive in allowing me to grow, understand, and design healthy habits that I can use throughout my life. When ever I ring in need of their attention they do their very best to see me as soon as they can.

Debra Johnson 


Call me crazy but this Detox is seriously making me outta control.... I'm already feel amazaballs, look out people I'm back!!!

Nikki Otto

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