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Switching on Fat Burning

Your body has three main sources of energy. It can burn fat, glucose (carbohydrate), or protein. When we burn fat, we produce substances called ketones. These are produced normally, and when we measure these ketones in our urine, we know we are burning fat efficiently.

High levels of dietary carbohydrates, also known as high glycaemic load foods (e.g. sugars and starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes), work with the hormone insulin to 'switch off' fat burning and increase fat gain. It becomes virtually impossible to lose fat if you have raised insulin levels.

When your body’s blood sugar and insulin levels are low enough you will switch to a higher level of fat burning. This is the secret to Shake It. To burn fat you need to restrict high glycaemic load foods to a level where your body will produce less of the hormone insulin thereby increase the rate of fat burning. Eating less food is not the answer; you need to specifically reduce the high glycaemic index, carbohydrate-rich foods in order to 'switch on' fat burning.

Many people want to lose body fat simply to look good; however, having a high percentage of body fat is known to be one of the most serious causes of ill health. Elevated fat mass also increases inflammation and the frequency of muscular aches and pains and reduces energy production resulting in fatigue.


Over the 6 week programme, if followed 100% correctly we guarantee you will lose between 0.5-2kgs per week, or we will reimburse you the cost of the consultation.


I started the Shake-it diet on the 18th of March 2014 and have never looked back. Rather than a diet change it has been more of a life style change.

Before shake-it I had tried almost every diet advertised; they worked for the first few weeks but then I would lose interest. I was at a point where I was over wasting money on diets that didn't work but was desperate to lose weight; I was exercising regularly but felt like that wasn't really doing anything. 

I was told about the Shake-it diet and after reading up about it I decided to give it a go. At first I was shocked with all the food groups I was to cut out of my diet. But I came away with the attitude that if I'm going to make it work then I have to stick to it. I found it easier to concentrate on the foods that I was allowed to eat rather than what I wasn't allowed. Exercising was more enjoyable as I could tell it was actually working. After a few weeks my whole body felt better and I felt good inside.

With Rahn's help I lost 11.2kgs over 10 weeks. People started noticing within a few weeks which was a huge encouragement.

I recently had to stop seeing Rahn as I moved cities but I have kept up with the diet and am still losing weight.  I have a goal I'm working towards and won't give up till I'm there. This diet has also taught me a lot and has changed my way of eating for life.

Thank you Rahn for your help and encouragement.

P.s. Here's a photo collage I made this week, the photo on the left is me 3 years ago at my brothers wedding.  I tried the dress on again the other night and it's almost falling off me now :)

            18/3/14   25/3   1/4   8/4   15/4   28/4   6/5   13/5   20/5  27/5/14
​Weight     99.6   97     95    94.1  93.8   92.5   91    90.6   89.7  88.4
Waist      100    94      92     90    90       85     83     81      85    81
Bust        109  106.5  105  103.5  104.5 103   102    99      102   99
Hips        129  122    121   122     122   122   121.5  119    121  118
Arms       36.5   35     34     34     -        32.5   32.5   32     33   31.5
Thighs​     72     71     70     68      -        66.5   66.5   66    65    65

Rebekah Taylor~

How to start:

The best way to start the 6-Week Shake It Weight Loss Programme is come in for your initial Shake It consultation with a naturopath from asWellas, and receive your 6-Week Plan

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