The dangers of body fat


You may not think you have a weight issue, but the type of tissue that makes up your body weight is critical to your long-term health. You may have more fat tissue than is good for you.

Not just a cosmetic issue, obesity (which really means “over fat”) is a fundamental driver of some of the most significant health burdens people face, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoarthritis and dementia.

Do you wonder why you have low energy and struggle to get out of bed or have no motivation to live fully at the end of your working day? Fat tissue interferes with energy production.

Feeling hormonal ? This is not just a problem for women. Fat tissue produces the hormone oestrogen, which can stimulate abnormal tissue growth and inflammation. And if your liver or gut is not functioning as it should, hormones that your body is trying to get rid of, recirculate contributing to those moody, grouchy feelings.

Where you hold your fat is important too. Fat can be used to not only store excess energy, but also stores toxic waste that your body hasn’t been able to safely remove.

Naturopathic strategies that focus on satisfying your body’s needs, reducing cravings, and addresses your body’s composition, improve your sense of well-being substantially. If you have the right education and the right support, weight management can be a enjoyable!

Now is the time to get your health and weight goals under way.

To start your Shake It Weight Management Programme with us, we measure and graph your body composition to find out what percentage of your body weight is fat tissue. You can then measure your progress, motivating you towards achieving a healthy weight.

If you know someone who might benefit from the Shake It Weight Management Programme please forward this link onto them. Your support will be really appreciated.


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