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Health Warrant of Fitness Checks (Health WoF)

A Health Warrant of Fitness check gives you an opportunity to see if your habits are life-sustaining or setting you up for a health crisis.

With all clients it's important to start with the Health WoF Check which includes 3 consultations as it provides a comprehensive understanding of your state your health & any lifestyle challenges at this point in your life.

Tailored Wellness Prescriptions are designed from the Health WoF to fit into your lifestyle so that you can eaily incorporate any necessary changes to enjoy living in a way that is most likely to create the ideal environment for you, inside and out!

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Wellness Programmes

Simple and effective Wellness Programmes are designed to provide health solutions that are tailored to cater to your different lifestyle requirements to improve your health naturally and manage your long-term well-being.  You can arrange weekly payments to help you prioritise and budget for ongoing wellness.

Join us in a variety of health-promoting activities and events resulting in an improved perception of life's possibilities and all its joys.

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Your Wellness Programme may include:

Neuromuscular Body Treatments

Structural / postural assessment / treatments - the body structure has a large part to play in your health.
If the connective tissue that holds all your organs, bones and muscles together is restricted that then causes the blood supply and nerve supply (housed in the connective tissue) to be restricted resulting in decreased function throughout the body as nutrients and oxygen delivery are also impaired.
Subtle yet powerful neuromuscular techniques that release restrictions throughout your body to break up scar tissue, re-establish and re-balance your body’s nerve and blood supply to help your body function better.

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Lymphatic Drainage massage

Offers rejuvenating lymphatic drainage massage that assists in flow and elemination of the body's waste and toxins. Dissolves tension and fatigue and restores your energy in a pleasant and relaxing environment that stimulates your sense of well-being.

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Nutritional consultations

Easy, practical and  focused on healthly nutritious choices using health promoting ingredients & recipes to ensure that you are getting all that your body needs. Nutrients are a key ingredient to our health – providing the raw materials for our body to form and function well. Find out how to create long term wellness through your diet it's quick and easy to prepare for families, singles, young mums who are pregnant or weaning their babies, teenangels setting up house for the first time, pack-a-picnic lunch box ideas and more.
Feel good about eating - food is fundamental to life, providing for your health and energy. Eat well=live well.

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Meditation and Stress Release

Allow time for you to reflect on your experiences and how you feel within your body and your mind.
Reduce underlying feelings of stress.
Find inner peace and deal with life's challenges with more ease.
Develop more positive relationship with yourself and others.
Manage pain & stress i.e. reduce anger, anxiety and depression.
Establish a regular, sustainable and enjoyable meditation practice for you to learn ways to release stress and tensions that contribute to chronic health conditions.


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Breathing techniques designed for you to create focus, energy and balance in your life.

Stretch Yourself = You are as Young as Your Spine is Supple!
Versatile & simple stretches to maintain flexibility, tone lean muscle tissue and acquire peak performance to develop personal strength and durability.


Corporate Wellness Workshops

Is your wellness strategy working for you and your company?  Do you have one?

Plenty of emphasis is given to the Safety part of the Health & Safety in Employment requirements. Include effective our Wellness Workshops in your workplace Health & Safety strategy and notice the results.  You and your staff will be happy you did !

Our purpose is to actively assist in creating well work environments, with staff feeling valued and supported, increasing staff retention and reducing sick days.

½ day Workshops, Full day Workshops. Weekend Workshops.
Tailored for your workplace needs.

The overall aim of these workshops is for participants to develop proactive strategies to better manage their health and improve their energy, performance and productivity

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