Wellness Lifestyle Programmes

Starting with the Health WoF Check so we can design the Wellness lifestyle Programme to suit your on going health needs.

Health WoF check

This includes an initial consultation with one of our Wellness Practitioners, the Hemaview Live blood test and a Body Composition Test and in the Wellness Report we then talk you through the treatment plan/supplements and affordable payment plan.

The Wellness Lifestyle Programmes are designed with you in mind, to take the stress out of your Wellness, so you don't have to worry that you haven't been to your Wellness Practitioner in months and so you don't get hit with a big bill. We design a Wellness Programme that has all you need for your on going wellness. You will receive regular consultation/treatments/products through out the year.

Your Wellness Lifestyle Programme includes:

Detox Programme:

The 6 week detoxification programme the naturopaths at as Well as Wellness Centre  recommend a safe, simple and effective detox that involves the successful completion of 3 steps and the support of a low reactive Detoxification Diet.

As the major cause of toxification comes from your own digestive system this programme is getting right to the causation of toxicity, esseintial in the Wellness Lifestyle Programme


Neuromuscular Body Treatments:

Structural/postural assessment/treatments - the body structure has a large part to play in your health.   If the connective tissue that holds all your organs bones and muscles together is restricted then that causes the blood supply and nerve supply (housed in the connective tissue) to be restricted and decreases function through out the body.   Subtle yet powerful neuromuscular techniques that release restrictions throughout your body to break up scar tissue, re-establish and re-balance your body’s nerve and blood supply to help your body function better.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage: 

Lymphatic drainage gently moves fluids along pathways under your skin, to be excreted. These fluids are the waste products from your cells, hormones, medication, stress, and surgery that all get held within the tissues and cause ill-health. This treatment leaves you feeling fresh, vibrant, and energised.


Nutritional Consultations:

To make sure you feel comfortable, on track and as this is as easy as possible for you to manage through out the Wellness Lifestyle Programme we see you through out the year for nutritional consultations to tailor and manage any changes in your diet and health.


Nutritional Supplements:

These products/foods/supplements will give your body all the key nutrients it needs, on a regular basis you will receive all you need- with no stree that you may run out.

also you will receive priority attendance at our Nutritional cooking classes


Shake It Lifestyle Programme

- Achieve a healthy weight and feel great

The Shake It Lifestyle Programme may be an addition to you Wellness Lifestyle Programme if desired.

The Shake It Lifestyle Programme is in 6 Week increments; the length of the programme can be tailored to suit your weight loss goals and incorporated into your Wellness Lifestyle Programme. 6- 12,weeks increments

The Shake It Lifestyle Programme includes all the meal replacements, supplements, fortnightly 'Weigh-In' consultations, body composition tests and recipe booklets.

 Come in for your initial consultation.

 Weekly payment plans are avaliable and make it affordable for your ongoing wellness, taking the stress out of your health care.

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