Detoxification Programme


Detoxification Programme

It is very common that throughout your life you have never taken your body through an anti-parasitic or de-worming programme. Even if you have, it may not have been very effective. The results of parasites and worms may cause lesions (wounds) in your gut lining, allowing toxins to leak into your blood, resulting in severe inflammation throughout your body. Digestive discomfort and even IBS may occur.

 Digestion and absorption may be impaired, leading to malnourishment and a failure to thrive over time.

The Three Stage Spring Clean

The detoxification programme with as Well as Wellness Centre healthcare practitioners is a safe, simple and effective detox that involves satisfactorily completing 3 steps:

1: Remove. This stage focuses on removing “bad bugs” from your digestive system;

2: Renew. This stage is aimed at replacing the “bad bugs” with healthy ones that assist with improving your digestive function;

3: Release. In this final stage you will include natural medicines that support and enhance the capacity of liver and kidneys to detoxify and remove waste byproducts.

The detoxification programme is the most effective way of giving your body a thorough spring clean and get you feeling fantastic again

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