Herbal Therapeutic Teas

The simple daily practice of cleansing from within, while hydrating, nourishing, strengthening and relaxing the body, leads to good health, radiant skin and a sense of true well-being.

The certified organic ARTEMIS Health Teas are fundamentally different from standard tea-bag teas both in their effectiveness and taste. Carefully crafted with prime loose medicinal herbs, hand blended in small batches for optimal quality control to give you a pleasant and therapeutic drink.

Improve your health with the most original and effective and easy form of all remedies.          Cup-by-cup




What's in stock

Digest Ease tea, Cool and Calm tea, Stress Relief tea, Deep Sleep tea, Immuno Boost tea, Cardio Care tea, Re-Power tea, Rest and Relax tea, Liver Detox tea, Kidney Cleanse tea, Pregnancy tea, Fertility tea, Breastfeeding tea, PMT Ease tea, Menopause tea.

Also other teas; Dandelion tea, Breath Deep, Throat Comfort and Jiont Comfort.  

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