Nutritional Consultation

Provides you with an opportunity to check that the food you eat is, in fact, meeting your body's needs.

Nutrients are the raw material your body requires to form every cell and for that cell to function correctly.  If there are ingredients missing, your body will not form correctly, nor will it function well.  You may get by for some time, however with continuing lack of correct nourishment over time, the nutrients that are stored in your body are used up and your body malfunctions.  Depending on where the malfunction is in, different organ systems are affected.  This is called disease, chronic disease as it has been happening over a long period of time.

Your kitchen should be the heart of your home.  Nowadays it is often the cause of heart disease!  And diabesity!

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At different stages of our life, our nutritional requirements differ also.

If you are planning a pregnancy, we can help make sure that the growing baby is getting the essential nutrients.  Breast feeding Mums have specific needs so that the breast milk is nutrient-rich.  Colic can be a result of inappropriate food choices, or restrictions in digestive function that we can release in our Neuromuscular treatments.  Weaning is important as the young child is growing faster than at any other time of their life.  Food selections are often not given too much real regard to what the essential nutrient requirements are.  Many childhood illnesses can be eliminated with more regard to food choices and their effects within the body.

Adolescents have their own unique set of requirements.  Older people have different needs - as their body changes, so should their food choices.

Improved performance and endurance, brain function and moods, or general health and wellbeing can all be supported by being well nourished.

You owe it to yourself to check at least once in your life that you are runing on high-octane fuel so that your body lasts the distance and still has some energy to spare!

Book Online or phone as Well as Wellness Centre  07 83 83 83 2    Allow an hour for your nutritional consultation.

"Let thy kitchen be thy apothecary and thy apothecary be thy kitchen."     -Hippocrates

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