Health WOF

Health Warrant of Fitness (Health WoF)

Your Health WoF Check is over 3 consultations so that we get a comprehensive understanding of your state of health at this point in your life and set you up to become as well as possible.

1) During the first consultation we ask about our health history and any lifestyle challenges and most importantly your health goals - what you want to achieve.  We also conduct an initial dietary assessment of your food intake.  

Allow an hour for this first consultation.

We give you home work after each consultation so that next time we meet we can find out how well your body responds to the changes you make.

2) A series of tests during the second consultation includes a Hemaview which is a live picture of your blood.  You get to view this on our television monitor.  It allows us to see what impact your diet and lifestyle are having on your body and cells.  Different pictures indicate your liver function, immune function and digestive function. 

We also have a new assessment tool called BIA. With this technology we can screen your muscle mass, fat mass, cellular energy, and most importantly assess how well your body is ageing. These tests are vital for us to design a Wellness Prescription for you to become as well as you can be.

Allow 45 minutes for these tests.

3) The third consultation provides you with the report of findings and an outline of your Wellness Prescription to get you started on your way to achieving your health goals.

Allow 45 minutes for this report.

Further consultations may include a structural assessment (Neuromuscular Body Treatment).  The body's structure plays a large part in your health. When the connective tissue that wraps around each of your organs, bones and muscles is restricted, then the nerves and blood supply are impaired with a decrease in function and oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Your initial neuromuscular body treatment is 45 minutes and follow up appointments are 20minutes.

You owe it to yourself to find out at least once in your life, whether or not your habits are setting you up for a health crisis. Book Now for your Health WoF


Health WOF Check

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